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I had fun with it but now is time to move on. Other things to do etc. and so little time to do them in ! Basically I have not been able to devote the time this site and the business needed, so I am offering it for sale. It has about 300-400 visitors per month, but our products (although excellent quality and value for money) were obviously not what people were looking for on the internet.

If you are interested in buying this domain, please email me on with your offer. Serious offers only please. You KNOW this name is a premium name and would be worth every penny !

A copy of the entire website is available with the domain name, including the custom shop files etc.

ALSO for sale - another domain name - MASTERSANDSLAVES.CO.UK !!! Again, if you would like to make an offer, please email the address above.

In the meantime, when I say I had fun - you can see for yourself. Below are some of the pictures we took at the Erotica Exhibition when we had a stand there in 2005. Enjoy !


Erotica 2005

The Erotica Exhibition is
the largest exhibition
of it's kind in the UK.


The stage show is amazing.
We would recommend it to anyone !!


Our two assistants at the show,
Lucy Zara and Savana Love.


Of course all our products
are thoroughly tested !


It's hot work at the show, so minimal clothing was required............


.........and this attracted
more than
a little attention.


Our customers were so friendly.......


..............that we had to stop our
staff being carried off...........


..........but Savana and Lucy
kept getting tangled up...........


which was kinda distracting !!